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Introduction: Make a Coffee Cup Tissue Dispenser

I have invented a new equation.
Coffee Cup + Tissues = Win
It's simple. You know how you only need one of those 7 cupholders in your car?
You know how you need to keep tissues in your car, and in case you have to use them, reach into the back seat, eyes off the road, in an attempt at nose blowing salvation?
Well I have the solution for you
This DIY tissue box allows you to utilize the cupholders and have tissues

EDIT: Title sucked so I changed it. ENJOY!

Step 1: Materials

1. Old, Washed out, and perhaps drawn on (like mine) paper coffee cup
2. Scissors
3. Eco-Friendly Tissues (about 1/2 inch stack)
4. Coffee Cup lid


Step 2: Cut Lid

Slice a hole about 1/2 X 2 inches in the lid

Step 3: Cut Tissues + Fold

Using scissors cut the stack of tissues in half.
Then fold the top tissue of one stack into the bottom of the other. (it's easier than it sounds)

Step 4: Stuff Tissues in Box

Stuff the stack of tissues in the box while holding one of the tissues, then pull that tissue through the hole in the lid, And close it up

Step 5: Closing Thoughts + Contest Notes

Closing Thoughts:
Hope you enjoyed this, even though I don't drive, My parents love it
BetaCup Contest Notes:
The contest has certain judging parameters, and I would like to lay these out.
1. Waste Reduction-
       Millions of coffee cups are thrown away, and millions keep tissues in their car.
       Recycled coffee cups + Eviornmentally sound tissues = Waste reduction
2. Resources Required-
    NONE. This project requires $0 to make
3. Capabilities-
     Already Covered (:
4. "Whole Experience"
    See #1

Thanks so much for reading!



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    Ha, ha, ha!  Your so funny.  I wish I thought of this.  I remember making fun of my NEW car purchase:  "It has no air conditioning, a cheap FM/AM radio, BUT IT HAS 7 CUP HOLDERS, and only costs $17,000.  What a bargain! 

    1 reply

    Use those cupholders up! Make sure you vote for my instructable in the coffee cup challenge! pl0x

    So Simple! I have been looking for a way to prevent fumbling for tissues in my car for myself or my guests.
    This is it!
    I have enough cup holders to be able to put one of these genius dispensers in each cup holder on all four doors.


    1 reply

    I love it! Hahaha. Make sure you vote for this instructable in the coffee cup competition

     If I still had a car, this is definitely something I'd put in it!  Good re-use, and I like the idea of using one as a garbage receptacle too.

    1 reply

    I was going to make one, but too busy studying. Make sure you vote for me!

    I like it, is very original and cheap, but i don´t understand very well the step 4 how you put the tissue?

    1 reply

    You have to tuck one half of the tissues ontu the other half. Then you simply just stuff it in there. Make sure to vote for me!

    This is really simple but brilliant!  It would be perfect to put in a cup holder in the car.

    1 reply

    I know right? make sure to vote for me!

    I just bought a new car, and trying to keep it neat. Trying to figure out where i could put box of tissues, and was thinking it would be great if the tissue company would make something in this size!
    So was delighted to see how you did this, it's a great idea.
    You could make a second one designed to catch garbage in the car.

    I love it! This is something I'd actually make and use.

    1 reply

     It is really nice lol.