Coffee Cup - Wind Sock





Introduction: Coffee Cup - Wind Sock

Were you ever drinking coffee and in need of a quick reading of the wind direction? 
This I'ble will show you how to make a coffee cup wind sock.

This is another entry for the "Coffee Cup Challenge". If you like it, don't forget to vote for me or look at my other entries (Honeycomb Sandwich, Ceiling Aid and Lens Hood

Step 1: What You Need.

* A coffee cup.
* A coat hanger.
* A small Tie rib.
* A small washer.

Step 2: How It Is Made.

1. Cut out the bottom of the coffee cup. If you use a Forstner bit, you'll get a fairly nice cut.
2. Accurately perforate both sides of the coffee cup (just 1 cm from the top).
3. Cut the coat hanger to the desired length. Make sure that you have a nice and straight section.
4. Place the tie-rib, then the washer and the coffee cup.
5. Bend the top section of the wire and you're done!

The cone should rotate smoothly around the iron wire and it should be nicely horizontal.

Step 3: Where to Use It.

Wind socks are often used at airports to monitor the wind direction for incoming planes. Smaller versions can be seen on sailing boats to trim the sails.

I use mine for a small weather station in the garden and to assist incoming flights at the birdhouse I have built.



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    This is a brilliant base for all sorts of windsocks! I'm going to use it to make daffodil windsocks for a daffodil parade. Nice. But you could use it for a base for pretty much any theme of windsock. Great for community artists like myself. Thank you!

    suck your finger and put your arm up high with your finger streched out...the side that does not get cold is the winds direction

    8 replies

    Agreed, but that won't win you any prizes!

    Duh, that's a fairly "safe" statement after the contest is closed (half a year BTW).

    No offense intended, but it would have been just as safe of a statement the day this instructable was posted.

    Nevertheless, insult taken. You just re-affirmed.
    I suggest to focus more energy on your first instructable as this isn't the first negative and useless remark you have made on this site.

    Just waiting until I have something better to offer than a coffee cup on a coat hanger.

    Good look then...I guess it might take a while..

    I was just messing with you a bit. Truly nothing personal. Whadda you say, let's be friends.

    hmm...I guess not :)
    I thjnk wirly winds are interesting because it becomes harder to figure out where the main wind is comming from. It can be a corner or a tree that is causing turbulence. Perhabs it could be possible to navigate only by listening to the wind. Radar vs Wind. ;)

    1 reply

    You should post this "Coffee Cup Radar Wind thing".