Coffee Cup on the Car/Truck Prank





Introduction: Coffee Cup on the Car/Truck Prank

Hey All...

Well, today is April Fools day..
Here is my instructable for a clever April Fools joke.
This is a very easy instructable.

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Now, onto the instructable....

Step 1: Stuff Needed for the Prank

1 coffee cup (metal works best)
3 magnets
Scotch tape
Sign with the words "April Fools"

Step 2:

Align the magnets on the bottom of the coffee cup.
Tape the 3 magnets on the bottom of the coffee cup.

Step 3:

Ok, here comes the fun part.

Put the coffee cup on top of your vehicle. (it should stay with the magnets)

Step 4: Make a April Fools Sign

Make a sign with your word processor.
Or, just use a sharpie on a piece of paper.

Take a picture of the sign with your phone.

Now, go out and drive around and watch the responses you get!
When someone points at you or tries to wave you down,
put up your phone or sign with the message "APRIL FOOLS"!

Make sure and don't drive over 40 mph or your coffee mug, may blow off!
For an added bonus, you could fill it with real coffee!

Have a great weekend!

I hope you enjoyed my instructable!



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    Just epoxy the darn mug directly on the roof so you can do highway speeds without any concern. This'll really get people saying WTF?!?!

    We did this with a baby carrier. :)

    I recommend a touch of super glue instead of tape. Just for safety reasons. Wouldn't want the tape coming loose and the cup hitting another car.

    i would go online and buy hella strong magnets, and either epoxy them or use super glue or something.

    No need for glue or tape. ive got a magnet thats a 1" square. just drop it in the cup and trust me it will hold.

    To Funny...I don't know about driving down the freeway, though...
    Maybe a side street!

    Just don't drive down the freeway at 80mph and it won't come off or be dangerous. GAWD!

    Thanks for the idea:

    I threw a couple of heavy duty magnets into my (leather) briefcase and left it on the trunk of my car. I was a-grinning and a-waving like a fool at everybody who honked to help me out until I noticed there was nothing in my rear view mirror!

    So, why was anybody still honkin' and pointin' at me? Maybe because my briefcase had slid off the trunk of my '53 Caddy, opened up on the bumper and disgorged its contents on the freeway (Oh, I'm sooo funny...).

    Next time, I'll follow your instructions more to the letter.