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This instructable I will tell you how to make a Coffee Cup tripod!!! So enjoy!!!! And I'm going to enter this in to the Coffee Cup Challenge so please vote for it!!!!!!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Stuff you need:
Coffee Cup,
a bolt that will fit in your cameras tripod hole, (most of the time they are on the bottom of your camera)
Hot glue gun with glue sticks or super glue,
A camera.

Step 2: Hole

Picture of Hole

Now put a hole in the bottom of your cup with the front of your bolt.

Step 3: Bolt

Picture of Bolt

Put the big end into the hole inside the cup.Then glue your bolt in.

Step 4: Done!!

Picture of Done!!

Your Done screw your camera on and take still  pic, so  enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


salomon1996 (author)2010-08-24

this was in popular science!!!! :D

TSC (author)salomon19962010-08-24

Yes it was they got the idea from me!!

FlutterTree (author)2010-04-17

Not a tripod. Monopod. Tripods have 3 points touching the groud. This has 1.

TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-17

Its pretty  much the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-17


TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-18

Well what????

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-18

You know, I really don't know. :S

TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-18


FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-18


TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-18

You like cameras???

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-18

Yeah. I have a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Elph. What kind do you have?

TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-18

Have two cameras a  vivitar if you  copy the name and type .com  it should  come up with the website. and the other is movie some thing I'm not rember  n right now!!!!!!!!!

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-19


TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-19

Thanks yours is cool too!!!!!!!!!!!

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-20


TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-20

what does that mean??????????

FlutterTree (author)TSC2010-04-20

It's a smiley. ex.: To understand the following, tilt your head 90 degrees to the LEFT):) :P :D =) =D =P and 8D

TSC (author)FlutterTree2010-04-21

O O lol :) :Q

~KGB~ (author)2010-04-14


TSC (author)~KGB~2010-04-14


~KGB~ (author)TSC2010-04-16

no problem!

TSC (author)~KGB~2010-04-16


~KGB~ (author)TSC2010-04-17


TSC (author)~KGB~2010-04-17

STOP COMMENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~KGB~ (author)TSC2010-04-17

im blocking you

TSC (author)~KGB~2010-04-18


~KGB~ (author)TSC2010-04-18


gmjhowe (author)2010-04-15

 Filling the cup with sand with give more stability. I love the idea, but those pictures could do with slightly better lighting.

For the close up of the bolt it might be worth taking a picture from further away, then cropping in on the area.

Also, sunlight is your friend! not matter the camera, sunlight will always give a better picture, be sure to comment me if you put some better pics in.

TSC (author)gmjhowe2010-04-15

I put better pics. for the main pic and the last pic!!!

TSC (author)gmjhowe2010-04-15

Sorry i might retake the pics again but my good camera is kind of boken!!!!!!!  Thats a good  idea about the sand!!!!!!!! The camera in the pic is my good kind of the boken one!!

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-04-15


TSC (author)MegaMetal82010-04-15


MegaMetal8 (author)TSC2010-04-15

no probs

TSC (author)MegaMetal82010-04-15

Are you going to build it??????

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