Picture of Coffee-Fondue-Popcorn maker
I was inspired by some of the great posts i saw on instructables and decided to make my own personal popcorn maker. A few years ago, i had come across a great coffee warmer at a cafe. I thought the basic set up for both is the same, so why the hell not make a combo! The fondue extension is just for my love of dark chocolate...

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Step 1: The idea and materials

Picture of The idea and materials
As you can see, its just as simple as making a stand with a candle holder with variable height. 
I tried a lot of ideas to make a simple variable height mechanism and eventually finalised a simple cam mechanism. 

I decided to use PCBs for the stand because a> i had a lot of them (my ex boss let me take all the scrap pcbs we had stored in the office) b> They look extremely good when a candle is glowing behind them. c> it is very easy to work with them if you have a rotary dremel tool. 

For the mug holder, i used cycle spokes and acrylic for the cam.

Step 2: Steps

Picture of Steps
I arranged the PCBs in a hexagon. Linked the holes with small rings made from tin wire. Used Araldite(resin + hardener based adhesive) to keep the whole structure rigid. 

Step 3: The mug holder

Picture of The mug holder
Just 3 cycle spokes did the trick

Step 4: The candle holder and height changer

Picture of The candle holder and height changer
I tried a lot of ideas to change the height of the candle. Finally a simple cam arragement worked...

Here are some of the failed prototypes:

Step 5: Action Pics

Picture of Action Pics
Coffee warmer


Pop Corn Maker

Fondue maker

Wow, that is a conversation piece! I love the uniqueness of it all.....and Mr. Bean.
adwait (author)  vigothecarpathian2 years ago
Hey, thank you very much!
Careful , you don't want to crack your "Bean" ... HeHe !
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome multifuntionossity!

(And got to love Mr B!)
adwait (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
thanks :)
Bongmaster2 years ago
i cant help wondering what the PCBs were originally for X3
adwait (author)  Bongmaster2 years ago
haha. nope. i used to design robotic kits in my last job. This pcb is for the remote int he kit.