Coffee Ice Cubes





Introduction: Coffee Ice Cubes

Have you ever made ice coffee just to have it taste watered down after a little while? Try making coffee ice cubes and using them instead of regular ice when making your iced coffee.

Step 1: What You Need!

  • You can use either freshly brewed coffee, leftover coffee or some that has already gone cold
  • Ice cube tray

Step 2: Fill the Ice Cube Tray With Coffee

Place it in the freezer for a few hours until the coffee cubes are frozen.

Step 3: Once the Coffee Is Frozen Use It to Make Your Favorite Coffee Cocktail!

The coffee cubes can be used when making ice coffee and will not dilute your coffee! Shown is my favorite glass for a ice coffee - a Guinness glass!

Other uses for coffee ice cubes

  • Add them in when making a ice cream frappe with a blender to add a little coffee flavor
  • Place a bunch of coffee ice cubes in a blender with some chilled coffee and make a frozen coffee smoothie (and add a little chocolate sauce and make it a mocha frozen coffee smoothie :)



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    This is so clever. Thank you for sharing this excellent idea!

    1 reply

    Thank You!

    Love this! I always have extra coffee, and not having to make double strenth to make it iced is awesome!

    Can you go over those steps again? They don't seem to be clear enough.

    1 reply

    Please explain which steps you are having issues with?

    I learned this from a friend who knows a restaurant who serves it like that. If you are in for the night,....add a tad of homemade khalua,..cold milk,.....Yum.

    1 reply

    Thanks - great idea!