Introduction: Coffee Milk Shake! (Cold)

A reasonably bitter milkshake with strawberry milkshake powder added for taste.

Step 1: Ingredients & Utensils

Instant Coffee, A glass, A Whisk, Milk, a spoon and some "Strawberry Milkshake mix" (A powder that makes strawberry milk).

Step 2: Milk

Pour the milk into the glass and add 1 spoon of instant coffee. (More if you would like to)

Step 3: Adding the Powder!

Now add 2 spoons of instant strawberry milkshake powder...and whisk!
This step WILL take a while, mainly because the milk is cold, but the milk being cold is a must, because it's a refreshing way to enjoy coffee on these long hot summer days!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now enjoy your tasty cold beverage! It should take on a very light brown colour, sadly I forgot to take a picture and then ran out of milk :(


skysky made it!(author)2013-06-23

I put chocolate powder instead I'm in love

RedFlash made it!(author)2009-09-23

Man, I am starting to like coffee now! Awesome! 5/5

Noodle93 made it!(author)2009-01-04

Tip: Boil some water, spoon out your sugar and coffee into a mug, then add enough water just to cover the coffee and sugar, mix it around, add more milk to prevent any coffee sticking to the sides. Then add this liquid to ice + more milk and you'll get a good iced coffee, then you won't need strawberry powder to sweeten it.

John+Smith made it!(author)2007-08-13

Tip: always add liquid to powder, not the other way around.

Admiral+Puffinfresh made it!(author)2008-09-30

Wish I had read that before trying this out. =/ Still picking coffee grounds out of my teeth.

FrenchCrawler made it!(author)2007-08-13

I thought it was gonna be like RI's Coffee Milk

neuralstatic made it!(author)2007-10-18

you can buy eclipse coffee syrup online :)

MCBSOAD made it!(author)2007-08-15

Hey this drink looks really good. think i might try it myself. well done sam :D

CogitoErgoSum made it!(author)2007-08-15

Thankeys :P

%21Andrew_Modder%21 made it!(author)2007-08-13

cool for ppl who like coffee! (dont care for it) but one thing strawberry milk powder+coffee is good? :-X? ill stick with my local post commentstores 'home brand' orgasmic chocolate milk :-P its sooooo good oddly enouf.

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