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Do you have a lot of coffee mugs taking up your valuable kitchen cabinet space? This Coffee Mug Display Rack is easy to make and you won't believe how much extra cabinet space you will gain. Also, it makes a nice display for your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room. Display your coffee mug collection in style!

Step 1: Cut Two Pieces From a 1x12 Pine Board.

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Get a 1"x12"x8' pine board from the home center and cut off two pieces that are 23.75" and 26.5" long.

Step 2: Cut the Two Boards Into Strips.

Picture of Cut the Two Boards Into Strips.

Cut four 1.25" wide strips from the 23.75" board for the vertical end pieces. Cut eight 1.25" wide strips from the 26.5" board for the vertical middle pieces.

Step 3: Cut the Shelves and Mounting Cleats.

Picture of Cut the Shelves and Mounting Cleats.

Using the leftover wood from the 1x12, cut twenty-five pieces that are 4.25" wide and 6" long for the shelves. Cut two pieces that are 1" wide and 6" long for mounting cleats.

Step 4: Assemble the Rack With Glue and Nails.

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Sand all of the pieces before putting them together. Make some 4.5" and 5.5" long spacer blocks to help you assemble the Coffee Mug Rack according to the picture. A brad nail gun will make assembly much easier and faster. Click here for a diagram that shows how to assemble the rack.

Grab two of the end pieces that are 23.75" long. Attach a shelf piece to the bottom of the two end pieces using glue and nails. Make sure the shelf is flush with the end pieces on the front, back , and bottom. Use the spacer blocks to continue attaching the shelves, alternating between spacer sizes, until you attach the top shelf. Set this aside for now.

Grab two of the middle pieces that are 26.5" long. Attach the shelves in the same manner, except start with the different size spacer on the bottom than you used on the previous section. This will make the spacing pattern alternate across the rack. Nail this section to the previous section you built. Repeat this step until you get to the end of the rack and attach the remaining two 23.75" end pieces.

Attach mounting cleats underneath the top of the two tallest columns of shelves.

Step 5: Apply Your Choice of Finish or Paint.

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After the glue has dried, apply your choice of finish or paint. I recommend spray lacquer, since a spray finish would be the easiest to apply.

Step 6: Mount the Rack to the Wall.

Picture of Mount the Rack to the Wall.

Mount the Coffee Mug Rack to two wall studs with screws or bolts. The rack will be very heavy when filled with mugs, so it is important that you mount it securely to wall studs.


kbbaktha (author)2016-02-29

It is very nice. I love this. One day i have to make this. Let me finish my coffee mug collection quickly and get into doing this soonest. Thanks for sharing

MatthewG74 made it! (author)2016-02-09

I have been collecting Starbucks mugs from all over the world and finally decided to make a display rack. Thanks so much for sharing your design! I made mine bigger and with room to grow! Great idea! Again, thanks for taking the time to share with the rest of the world!

Thejesterqueen (author)2015-12-28

Great idea! This would solve a particular problem that I have. Thank you so much.

Victor Does (author)2015-07-02

So neat!

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