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 I'll show you how I used a burlap coffee sack to make a lampshade for a hanging pendant lamp.

Materials needed:
burlap coffee sack
twill tape (I used natural color, 1 inch wide)
1/2 yard plain fabric (you'll have plenty left over)
glue gun and glue sticks
sewing machine

Step 1: Cut Your Coffee Sack to Size

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 Measure the height of your current lampshade and cut the coffee sack to that height.  

Then, away from any decoration you'd like to feature, cut up the tube to form a long rectangle.

Measure the circumference of the base of your current lampshade and cut the long rectangle to that width plus 1 inch.

Step 2:

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 Using a half inch seam allowance, sew the rectangle back into a tube.

Now this tube should be the same height and circumference of your current lampshade.  (larger on top if your lampshade is tapered, but that's fine)

Step 3:

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 Cut fabric into 3 inch wide strips.  The length of the strip needs to be twice the circumference of your burlap tube, so you may have to piece some strips together.

When you have one long strip, gather one edge by setting your thread tension as high as it will go and your stitch length as long as it will go.  It will gather automatically.

Step 4:

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 Turn the tube inside out and sew the ruffle around the bottom circumference of the tube.  

Step 5:

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 Use a glue gun to affix 1 inch natural twill tape over the raw edge of the outside of the burlap tube.

Step 6:

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 When you get to your starting point, cut the twill tape, fold it under, and overlap the place where you began.

Step 7:

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 Cut buttonholes every 2-3 inches around the top hem of the tube, making sure you end up with an even number.

Thread another length of twill tape through, leaving enough hanging to form a bow.

Slide the new lampshade over your old one, and cinch the twill tape to fit.

Step 8:

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Congrats, you're done!

burlap sacks can be found here, for a great price:

Come visit me and see more tutorials at my blog:


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Fantastic writeup and great project!

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