Picture of Coffee Air Freshener
I really love the way that coffee smells, especially when you notice it in places that you aren't expecting to find it. 

One day, a pound of really nice smelling Stumptown ground coffee spilled in the back of my car.  As I went to clean it up with my shopvac I thought to myself, "It's too bad I have to clean this mess up, I'm really going to miss the smell of coffee every time I get into my car". 

Well, as I've since discovered, there's no need to spill coffee grounds in your car to have that great coffee scent when you step into it, simply make a semi-permanent coffee scented air freshener and enjoy that great coffee bean scent whenever and wherever you like.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This one is pretty easy:
  • stockings
  • paracord or some string if you want to hang it up
  • coffee grinds (choose the ones that smell best to you)
  • plastic cup or funnel

Step 2: Make a stocking filler

Picture of Make a stocking filler
I cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup so that I could use it as a funnel to fill the stocking with coffee.  If you've got a funnel on hand just use that and skip this step.

Step 3: Pour coffee grounds into stocking

Picture of Pour coffee grounds into stocking
Stretch the stocking around the cup with the hole cut in the bottom of it and pour coffee grounds in.

Use your hand to push the grounds down to the bottom of the stocking and form them into a ball.

Step 4: Tie off and cut

Picture of Tie off and cut
Tie the stocking off with a knot and secure it with some paracord.

Use the paracord to hang it from different places...like your rear view mirror, the christmas tree, or your bathroom.

Step 5: Put extra stockings on your head (optional)

Picture of Put extra stockings on your head (optional)
Take the extra stockings and stretch them onto your head.  It looks way crazier than I had ever thought it would.  Do bank robbers really do this?  I could barely see out of the thing!

randofo and fungus amungus joined in too.  Now all we need are some guns and we can rob the company safe!

How long does this air freshener last?

astraley3 years ago
You could also probably use the top of a plastic bottle (removed from the bottom, of course) for a funnel as well.
EponaDream3 years ago
I really love this air freshener! My whole family loves coffee and this will really help with kid related odors in our minivan! Those of us with kids know how messy kids can be and all about "strange" odors emmenating from the kids' seating areas in cars! Thanks for this awesome all-natural solution to freshening the air!
colorex3 years ago
HEY! What an awesome way to end an instructable!
80$man3 years ago
Noahw! Simple idea but great results!
I love the coffee smell at my desk, permanently! Done!

Very funny pics @ step 5, I had a good laugh!
Iyer27114 years ago
I loved what you did with the extra too :D
Iyer27114 years ago
I LOVED what you did to the extra though :-D
friney235 years ago
 YEAH! I love the smell of coffee and making my head look like a balloon  : )
FrozenStar5 years ago
Pretty awesome.
blam725 years ago
Well done.  Sounds like a a great idea.  My wife loves the smell of coffee, I'll have to hide a few of these around the house and see if it drives her crazy. 
We once used brewed coffee grounds to fertilize the lawn.  Just rake it out into the soil.  After a rainy day, the lawn smelled like French Vanilla.  I think it kept the neighborhood dogs from pooping on the lawn. 
Xamith5 years ago
 I've been to a few candle store that have jars of coffee beans in them because it resets your nose, or something to that effect. Doing this is a Great idea!!
blam725 years ago
One quick question...how long does the coffee scent last? 
kelseymh5 years ago
Hey, does Step 4 mean you're going to enter this in paracord contest?  Or you just have way to much of that crap stuff lying around the office?
Kozz5 years ago
Excellent and simple!  An especially good idea if you get a deal on some really inexpensive (and horrid-tasting) ground coffee.  We found a can of coffee that was really, really cheap, and I never touched the stuff after the first pot (yeech, cheap robusto at Aldi).

One thing of note is to not permit this to get wet, or it could very well begin to mold, being organic material and all.  This happens, too, if you leave old, damp grounds in your auto-drip basket for too long, also.  Not that I've ever done that, of course...