I'm always looking for quick ways to up-cycle easily collected items. This time, I set my sights on the ubiquitous coffee sleeve. What I came up with is a neat way to gift seedlings or cuttings from your garden while reusing material that would just be used once and then tossed out. This is an origami-style project, so no glue or other fasteners are needed.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

For each pot you'll need just four coffee sleeves. I was able to collect these easily just by asking co-workers to pass them my way when they were finished their coffee. If you're more shy about collecting trash than I am, you could skim the office recycling bins, or just save the ones from your own morning coffee over time.

You'll also need:
- a pen
- a mechanical pencil or pen cap (for scoring folds)
- a ruler
Nice! I was looking for a way to utilize these sleeves after I'm done with my tea. Good work!
As was I. Awesome! ^_^
Cute! Great idea for one of those trash items I'm always trying to figure out how to reuse!
You can also use empty toilet paper rolls. They are easier to come by and pack well together in a tray. Fill whatever pots you use right to the top. This allows airflow to reduce damping off. Also, use soil from your garden, not sterilized soil, as it has the micro-organisms that will inhibit mold.
I give away a lot of starts. This is *perfect* for those!<br/>
What a great way to reuse those sleeve.
Aww, i love this! What a sweet idea and a really thoughtful gift. I'll be linking to this.
I was just at your site and everything there is so cute! I'd be honored to be in the mix with so many other nifty things!
im doing that but im putting a cut up cup in it to keep it from getting soggy. haha i like the coffee themes
I love it! This is a perfect way to recycle all the coffee sleeves I have lying around my desk.
I'm glad you like it. Please post pictures if you decide to fold some up :)

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