Coffee Stain Pen Prank!

do you have anyone who really bothers you, enough to agrivate you to the point of wanting to leave a coffee stain on their important documents?!?  well, if so, the coffee stain pen is perfect for you, all for the low price of $9.99! just joking, heres how to make one for next to nothing! :D
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Step 1: Materials:

to get revenge now, all you need are:

-a bic pen, or a very similar style of pen with a cap
-coffee(and a coffee machine, you silly goose!)
-scissors for cracking open the pen
-a gluegun to make it watertight

(a funnel and tape turned out to be very handy for filling the pen with coffee)

and last but not least, a victim!!! >:P

Step 4: Adding the Coffee:

for this, i used a small funnel taped to the open end of the pen. this really helped keep things clean. just in case, do this step above a sink.  just pour the coffee in until it is full.

kid cudi4 years ago
do you really need a glue gun
NathanaelScheffler (author)  kid cudi4 years ago
yes, you need a glue gun, if you do not make it watertight the coffee will leak out before it is supposed to, ruining the effect.

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