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Hey momoluvers! Today I'm making an adorable cozy that keeps your hands from burning on a hot coffee cup. I made a tutorial similar to this last year but this is another method and it is so cute because it's like tiny clothes for your mug! I hope y'all have fun making this and remember to vote! Thanks

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1. Thick yarn
2. Thick needles (I'm using 10 1/2)
3. Sewing needles
4. Buttons
5. Scissors

You'll need to know how to...
1. Knit
2. Hand sew
3. Tie a bow!

Step 2: Knitting the First Row

Cast on 9 stitches

Inset the rift needle into the first stitch.

Wrap the yarn around the back and in between the two needles

Pull the right needle down and through the loop. You should create a new stitch the moves to the right needle.

Step 3: Keep Knitting

Continue knitting until you have done 38 rows.

Step 4: Casting Off

Knit the first two stitches.

Insert the needle into the first stitch and pull it over the second one, dropping it off of the needles.

When you reach the last stitch, cut the thread and pull it through the loop.

Step 5: Sew It Closed

Now simply thread a needle and stitch up the edges.

Step 6: Sleeves

Knit two small sleeves by casting on 5 stitches and knitting 6 rows.

Stitch the ends together so you have a sleeve.

Now attach the sleeve to the side of the cozy.

Step 7: Decorate!

Now just sew on buttons and tie a little bow on top.

Step 8: Finito!

And that's it! This is a super cute and simple way to keep your hands from getting too hot. I hope y'all enjoyed this and had fun making this. Remember to vote! I really appreciate it.

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i think i will make a crochet version of this

That is so nice you butter fly

so cute,i love this intrustables

This is so cute. I also love the fact that it is a cozy that actually looks cozy.