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A boot menu allows the selection of games using advanced mame, or web browsing which boots into a window manager.
StuartK16 months ago

Nice. Although what are you using the P2 button for? maybe install retropi?

ludz2 years ago

What menu system did you use? I'm trying to do the same thing, but as a linux noob I'm exhausted after getting AdvanceMame to run from the command prompt!

That works for me, but isn't wife / kid friendly - I've unsuccessfully tried AdvancedMenu, but my noob skills are limited there.

Thanks, and great job,

Dr Qui2 years ago
framillo2 years ago
Very cool! only 1 question: does mame plays well on Pi's hardware? I would lik to build a little retro cab,and Pi could be the first chioce. thank you!
grahamgelding (author)  framillo2 years ago
It plays the old games ok such as frogger, donkey kong, pacman. I'm not sure at what point it will start to struggle. Someone got Street Fighter 2 going but I think it would have been running slowly.
This is a good start point! Probably bubble bobble will run the same way as frogger...if it is,then this stuff made my day!
Way cool. The only thing I would change is using a glass sheet over the top of the entire table. Glass is more scratch resistant and covering the whole table means drinks etc cannot spill into the works.
grahamgelding (author)  latexmallard2 years ago
This is a good idea. Could you drill the holes into the glass to mount the joysticks and buttons? Or put them on a separate wooden section like on the real cocktail cabinets. I forgot to mention there is a strip of water proof rubber seal between the perspex and top. The screen already survived a spilt coffee. But the coffee went down one of the buttons and I had to clean the micro switch.