Picture of Coffee Table made from an Old Door
Have an old door just laying around? Want a interesting coffee table? Want an easy and fun project? Well then this is the instructable for you.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Old Door
2 Table legs
Skill saw
finishing nails
wood glue

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Time to decide what shape you want the table to be. Then cut it and the legs down to size. I decided to make a longer thinner table, but you can cut it to any size you like. I cut it in half hot dog style then cut the top square off. I would have like to leave it on but I was afraid it would make the table to long and weak.

Step 3: Some more cutting.

Picture of Some more cutting.
I took the inside part of the door( seen in the picture from the last step), and cut it into slits to line the outside of my table. Not a necessary step, but it added a lot to my table. Makes it not as wide and added more of a wood work look to the table.

The inner piece can just be broken out by pulling the door apart.

Step 4: Piecing together the puzzle

Picture of Piecing together the puzzle
Time to start putting this table together. I took the extra wood from other door half and made it into a frame for the legs to attach to. I cut the middle two pieces into a wedge shape to make screwing them to the table easier and applied wood glue to all of it to ensure a good hold. 

Step 5: Finishing up the build.

Picture of Finishing up the build.
In this step you have to attach the legs to the frame and the slits to the side of the table. Screw the legs to the frame. Use finishing nails to attach the slits.

Step 6: Sanding

Picture of Sanding
Time for a good deal of sanding. I sanded the sides and the outer part of the door. I chose not to try the inner portion to avoid all the small details and I like the two tone look. 

Step 7: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
Time to add the stain and then polyurethane. Pick the stain you like, I chose a lighter stain to have a two tone table. After applying two coats according to the directions on the can, apply the polyurethane. Congratulations your done. 

Also a big Thank you to Don Ray(aka Rayon) for helping so much on this project.

Step 8: Possible bench project

Picture of Possible bench project
I Wanted to make this but don't have another door and need a table. Probably wouldn't be the most comfortable bench but I like the way it looks.
sue61723 years ago
what about
the handle and lock holes?
lclippard4 years ago
very nice! i like the looks of this, maybe i will make one for myself
gcsuthundercat (author)  lclippard4 years ago
Thanks, go for it and good luck. Post a picture if you do.