Coffee Table With Antique Windows





Introduction: Coffee Table With Antique Windows

My mother wanted a unique, traditional and modern coffee table. I found some old antique wooden windows at a flea market, and designed this coffee table around them.

Step 1: Windows

I found windows, like the one pictured, at a flea market for $3 a piece. I bought three. These are what the table was designed around.

Step 2: Wood

I used 1x6 whitewood. It was around $3 for 8 foot boards. I laid out the windows and measured the length and width. I went ahead and got the wood cut at the store according to those measurements. Remember to compensate for the amount the miter cuts will take off. I also got two 1x2s for supports. They were 82 cents a piece.

Step 3: Design

This is a very very basic sketch-up of the design. Basically, it's a frame with mitered corners, inside of which I nailed in the legs, on top of which I put a 1x2 on the front and back to hold the windows which end up being flush with the top.

Step 4: Assemble

I used a table saw, wood glue and a nail gun. I mitered the frame, and the legs. Glued them together, and then used the nail gun. I painted everything white, and the windows slid into place. (This is hyperbole, as it took much remeasuring and recutting.) I chose to design it that way, so the windows can be easily removed for cleaning, repair, or anything else.

Step 5: Enjoy!

This is the final product. I, along with my mother, am happy with it. I hope it inspires someone to try something similar. As always, comments, ratings, etc. are appreciated. Thanks for reading.



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    Sweet. Now I know what to use the free 6 pane cabinet door in the garage. It has no glass so will make mosaic tile design instead.

    It Looks like beautiful and amazing.

    I think that before to do this particular project, you need to be careful and put gloves even if a window seems to be broken. to do that, HDI Home Decor has a magnificent way to replace a glass window plus 8 smart glass solutions.

    Great Idea!! How is the glass? it would seem to me that old timey window glass would be too fragile for a table. Also, is it secure enough in the frame? most old windows are just held in with a few tiny glaziers points and putty.

    Thank you, every comment you made I was about to. The look is kinda nice,(taste is subjective).

    Making the top with enough space to drop in a piece of Plexi glass sitting on the frame,would not kill the look and make it strong enough. You might want to put a few slats that cross the table underneath where the window frames meet at the 1/3 measures. You would not see them from above.

    Even nicer if you found a stained glass window (big bucks) and lit it from underneath with a diffused light.

    Again taste is objective.

    Now that it's been nearly 6 months since I built it, I am even more confident int he design and structural integrity. It's still as strong and solid as when I first built it.

    Amazing work! If you want to be more inspired visit our webpage: and you are more then welcome to post a Loop :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Looks very sharp! I think it would be hard to find antique double-paned windows in the U.S.; old windows with the glass still in probably would not have strong enough glass. But another possibility is to use EMPTY frames (I have some from some antique window screens that I pulled the screening out of--they look very much like your window frame) and sandwich the frame between sheets of table glass, with small objects mounted on the lower surface.

    Indeed, that sounds like a nice idea.
    I built the table nearly a year ago, and it's still in good shape though.

    This is pretty cool!  first thing I thought of was to put a board maybe 6" below the windows and then you could put flowers, knickknacks, etc in between.