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Hey everyone!

I wanted a small coffee table to be in my living room So i went a head and built one!

Enjoy !

Step 1: Mix Cement and Sand in a Box

Take two cement packs and half a kilo of sand and mix it together with water

Step 2: Create the Pole

I have bought 4 poles ( was long one but i cut it )

Made sure it`s the same height, and attached them all to some bas ei build ( from wood )

Step 3: Drown It !

Once you finished mixing the mixture of sand , water , and cement

" Drown " the base of the legs and make sure it sitting good

Step 4: Check With Leveler

Make sure it`s the same height

Let it dry for 12 hours and then poor 1/2 a liter of water to the cement - it will obserb in it - that way the cement will be stronger

Step 5: After Two Days

Seems good

Step 6: Remove the Plastic Box

Slowly remove the plastic box from the table

Clean the sides and remove leftovers

Step 7: Paint the Legs

Choose some random color, and paint the legs

Use a duck tape to mark the exact place fo

Step 8: Remove the Duck Tape

Step 9: Paint It!

i painted it , 3 layers

Let it dry between one layer and the other

Step 10: Padding

Add beneath the legs some padding , for it to move easy

Step 11: Done!

It was a fun quick project!

Let me know what you think




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    "Hey honey, I'm gonna bake some cakes.... have you seen the whisk" "erm......" amazing how many kitchen things work great in the workshop!

    so simple and elegant! love it! was the plastic bin difficult to remove? in the photo it looks like some chips came off?

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    Thanks for the comment , it was very easy to remove, thought it would stick to it , but all i had to do was shake it a bit , and it removed almost perfectly

    Yes, a few chips broke , but it`s very easy to fix, since all you need to do is make a bit more cement mix , apply it , let it dry , sand it , and your` done