Picture of Coffee Table/Storage Box From Reclaimed Wood
This project was made of 100% reclaimed materials (except the finishing nails)

A brief back story.
  My sister and brother-in-law moved to a new home recently and had removed the pine wainscoting from their old house before putting it on the market.
  I gathered as much of the wood as my little station wagon would hold and dragged it home, not quite sure what I was going to do with it but I hate to see good materials being thrown out and love to re-purpose stuff.

  As a sidebar, I am not an accomplished carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, (I know just enough to get me in trouble) I can visualize things in my head but building them out of wood is not my strong suit. 
Give me an old computer, stereo, cell phone (or other electronics), or a gas engine that doesn't run and I can work miracles, but when it comes to wood I'm a jack knife carpenter at best. (I'm not the greatest photographer either.)

 I say this so that hopefully you'll be kind in your comments (if any) and not point out the imperfections of my project.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  For the project I used over 50 pieces of wainscoting that were originally 36" long, I cut them down to 18" to remove most of the blemishes and knot holes.

I re-used the outside corner moldings to trim the edges of the box and lid.

The inside frames are made of 2" X 1/2" strapping from other reclaimed lumber I had laying around.

16 2" wood screws - pre drill holes in strapping to prevent splitting
rolfy121 year ago
Looks great!
Nice job.
I love to see timber reused rather than burned or ending up in a landfill after being used just once, many of my own 'ibles are about using salvaged or reclaimed timber including a table made from an old blanket box & some fifty odd year old floorboards which we use just as you do for storing games.
The only thing I would alter is the carpet stapled to the bottom, I would have used an adhesive to fix it rather than staples, mainly because I would be concerned about the carpet compressing & the staples causing the very scratches you want to avoid.
I hope you post more of your projects using re-purposed materials.

Thank you for your comment, I do plan on getting some furniture sliders for it. The carpet is just a temp fix till I can get to the hardware store. Cheers.