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Introduction: Coffee Capsule Holder

"This home runs on love, laughter and cups of coffee"
A beautiful quote to start your day!

Make this coffee capsule holder yourself in whatever color you want.
Change the design, make it dull by losing the quote, make it smaller, bigger, whatever!
If you want to make it and sell it, you can, but only if you donate a large chunk of your profits to a good cause!
And let me know when you do so, so I can spread the word!
Also would love to see what you come up with, improving this design.

Now go and read on!

Step 1: Download and Prepare the Files

Well, actually, even before you cut this, you should know you are allowed to change the design ;)
Download the illustrator file and find included 3 sheets that should be cut.

Step 2: Cut the Files Using Laser Cutter of Cnc

I used black acryl (plexi) for front and back. The middle panel I used fluo red non transparant.
For best result you should use 3mm sheet material for at least front and middle panel. Back panel, you can use whatever you want, but make shure it's not too thick so the color indications stay visible.

After cutting, remove the protective sheets, but keep it on for the front panel as long as you can (so you wont scratch of smear it with glue).

Step 3: Glue It All Together

I used professional grade acrylic glue (one component non uv-curable) from Evonik Acrifix 1S 0116.

Apply the glue in any way you want, but I did not overuse the glue. The letters part, I only put glue on the horizontal bars because you cannot clean any glue stains and with this fine cutting it's quite hard not to make stains.
First I glued layer 1 and 2, after about 20 minutes I attached the last layer. Then apply pressure and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Step 4: Almost Done, Just Color Index for the Capsules

There are little holes (8mm) on the back plate where you can put the color index of the flavor. Just cut them out of the packaging and attach them with some sticky tape to the back. You can also use the aluminium from the capsules but I found them to lack contrast. The dark ones just all look alike in that little hole.

Tip: You should not remove the protective sheet from the back. The static electricity created by the acrylics can ruin your wallpaint resulting in black stains on your wall after a longer period of time. By leaving the sheet on, you will reduce that static electricity on the back.

I used all the nespresso flavors in the same order as nespresso presents them. George Clooney's Voluto is the first on middle row by the way.

Step 5: Done!

Remove the protective sheet from the front, hang it near your coffee machine and fill it with capsules!

I just love to look at it every time I come into my kitchen. The quote, reminding me to love, laugh and drink cups of coffee!

Have fun creating!

All the best,
Quinten Brems.



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13 Discussions

neat way to hold the coffee!

Would you sell one of these to someone in FLORIDA USA? I'd love to have one but don't have access to the machine to make it, not do I own it use. Jigsaw.
Great job either way!

1 reply

Hi, thanks for your comment!
Well, you could use a service like ponoko for example to make it.
It would be a lot cheaper than asking me to make and send it over.

The files are attached in the instructable.

beautiful wish I had one of those cutters, do u sell these? can you make them for other capsules? x

1 reply

Sorry but I think it would be too expensive. If I count hours of work and material, I think its perfect for making it yourself, but not for selling.
If you are handy with a jigsaw, you could make this yourself in thin plywood. Then I would remove the quote and replace it with a printout you can glue on the wood. With coffee, you could stain the wood and print. Then varnish it completely ;)

The only thing I don't like about this project is that it wasn't me who thought it up!! Bravo, Awesomely done.

1 reply

4 years ago

Very nice. I've got a Nespresso machine and a laser, but unfortunately not enough wall space in the kitchen for your design. I must get round to designing something more compact some time.

1 reply

Hmmm. seems I did not place the total size in the instructable ;) it's roughly 34x54cm. You can crop it fairly easy I think, just loose bottom row, or shrink the text a bit and remove a column ;)

There are 21 flavors. 3 pods per flavor ;)
But I think in the future, some flavors will be replaced by the ones we drink the most ;)
Thanks for your comment!
all the best! Quinten.

Very creative! We are all coffee addicts here at home :))