Picture of Coffee cup listening devices
 Here are two ibles in one regarding coffee cups.

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I know they are simple but they are effective

Step 1: Paper coffee cup telephone

Picture of Paper coffee cup telephone

2 paper or plastic 

1 5ft- 200ft of string your choice

1 hole punch

 I know this is a basic principle you punch a hole with a hole punch in bottom of each cup and slide a string through the hole and then tie a knot so the string is connecting the two cups togetherand then you are done this is great for little boys and girls who like to spy and chat ( my little bros love this concept) 

Step 2: Coffee cup listening device

Picture of Coffee cup listening device
 Who says that you have to have a super genius mind or a super technology to make a high tech listening device well you can make your own with these simple techniques.


1 plastic or paper coffe cup

1 door with people telling secrets behind it

This concept is also a simple one it is very similar to the put your ear against the ground in a field and you will ear a stampede a mile away except you hear everything people say behind the door once you have a coffee cup put the bottom of the cup next to your ear then put the top part of the coffee cup against the door. And you will hear secrets that people have been hiding from you for years.

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Bahahahahaha your funny dude

I'll' try this some day =]
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 where you at on your vacation
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 why is this sooo funny 
Idk................ I just thought it was ok =[ gosh
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 ah thats okay i was just confused
ok, sorry for the confusion =]
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 no prob
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 *awkward silence*
those are the worst........................
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 indeed they are
I know, especially when your trying to talk to someone you like (that happened to me today), but then after that you realize you dont really like them because you have nothing in common with them =]
acidbass (author)  Glad(to-meet-ya)ys5 years ago
 exactly its crazy i mean i will talk to someone about their car that they know NOTHING about and they just stare at you
I know, it is crazy, I don't have much in common with all the people around me because they are all wanna be gangsters, it's annoying =]

I don't know much about cars either eh
acidbass (author)  Glad(to-meet-ya)ys5 years ago
 ah well thats how it is down here buti mean i talk to chaps and chicks about other things to like if its a hot chick i will say you got a nice butt 
pervert.................I talk to a bunch of random people on myspace from like different places, and the few cool mexicans that don't want to be white... =]
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 hey they are usually chicks my own age plus i look 18 so i really cant help that college chicks are talking to me
You are so cocky boo-boo...... omg.. hehe. it's ok......... im like that too......... I usually make the first move with guys......
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 ya know guys dont usually like that
Because they wanna be machos when they are so not =/
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 yeah i actually prefer if chicks do it then i know if they are single
But some girls are w#@res and they do it anyways...... I hate girls.....
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 ya dont think i know that wow.................................well..........................um ya know i am a guy 
True, true..............  Girls are horrible, lucky I escaped their tribe years ago when I wrestled my freind robert in the 3rd grade =D, since then girls don't really talk to me =]
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 nice i like that explanation
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
are either of those you
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 no those are some neighbors i recruited
haha, recruited
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 its true well i kinda bribed them
ill give too candy bars, 2 each and youve got a deal
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i dont kno what that means
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 be right back
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 but yeah it was funny these kids see me make movies and stuff and they always want to be in one so i said i will take a picture and think about it and what do you know thats how i got the picture
acidbass (author)  FFVIIBOY5 years ago
 yes indeed or as you would say "ha ha"
LoneWolf5 years ago
Nice instructable!!!!!!!! 5+
acidbass (author)  LoneWolf5 years ago
your welcome
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