This is a little coffee cup bank and here is how to make it!!!!!!! so enjoy!!!!!!

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need:
Coffee cup with led,
Hot glue gun with glue sticks,

Step 2: Cut!

Now cut a rectangle in the cup led  were the money should go with you're knife look at the pic.

Step 3: Glue!

Now glue the led to the cup look at pic.

Step 4: Done!

Put your money in the cup and your done!
...and your money is safer than in most banks!
NO! BUT&nbsp;IF&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;WANT&nbsp;TO&nbsp;KEEP&nbsp;YOUR&nbsp;MONEY&nbsp;AT&nbsp;HOME&nbsp;THAN&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;DO&nbsp;THIS!!!!!!!!<br /> BUT&nbsp;IF&nbsp;IT&nbsp;IS&nbsp;A&nbsp;LOT&nbsp;OF&nbsp;MONEY&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;GO&nbsp;BUY&nbsp;A&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;BIT&nbsp;PICE&nbsp;ONE&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;GO&nbsp;RIGHT&nbsp;ADEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
&nbsp;Forget it !!!!!!
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