Coffee Cup Dispenser





Introduction: Coffee Cup Dispenser

I work in a grocery store that sells coffee in those insulated coffee cups. For the longest time we just had them sitting on the cupboard upside down. The cups would get dusty and dirty from sitting where they were, so I made a dispenser to house them. This is a fairly simple design, each of the three cup sizes has its own compartment. It runs diagonally at about a 55 degree angle. Everything was brad nailed and glued together. The dispenser is just a small tension spring screwed to either side.



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    Secure it to the table or one day you'll be named as a negligent party in a lawsuit.

    Maybe not for the reason you think. A friend of mine went to grab a cup out of it and turns out he pulled with a lot of enthusiasm. He pulled so hard the spring holding the cups shot off 50 ft or so down aisle 2; we have yet to find it. He says it narrowly missed his face. Now there's grounds for a lawsuit!

    hey you could probably replace the spring with clothing elastic do you think? It might be less durable, but a lot safer?

    I would be tempted to try a heavier clothing elastic, like waistband anti-roll elastic...

    or..... mini bungie cord!

    it looks fantastic great job1