Introduction: Coffee Cup Sleeves

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How to make those sleeves that you find at some cafes that keep your fingers from getting too hot, out of a used coffee cup

Step 1: Roll the Lip

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Roll back the top edge of the cup with your thumb until it is flat. Just put the tip of your thumb below the lip and slide backwards.

Step 2: Continue Rolling

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Until it looks like this:

Step 3: Insert Finger

Picture of Insert Finger

Between the cup and the sleeve, there is a gap. Push your finger in here to separate the cup and the outer sleeve.

Step 4: Dislodge Adhesive

Slide your finger all the way around the cup until it is pretty much separated. There should be a line of glue down one side of it, don't worry if it gets slightly ripped.

Step 5: Push Cup Out

Picture of Push Cup Out

Put the base of your hand at the bottom of the cup and slide your fingers down the side. It will resist for a moment, but you should soon be able to slide it off.

Step 6: Finished!

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You now have a sleeve that will keep your fingers cool, or by cutting a handle will allow you to  carry drinks without burned digits!


CamillaLuvzMusic (author)2011-06-18

Coffee liiieeeeees. Smells soo good...tastes soo bad...

Dude! Coffee, when it is made to the correct standard, is delicious

happyjo (author)2011-02-02

Cool! :D

scoochmaroo (author)2010-09-20

Ha! I thought you were saying OK to Pie! I will always say "Kai" to pie.

St Jimmy (author)scoochmaroo2010-09-21

Pie is always OK

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