Picture of Super easy homemade coffee maker pasta.
So many instructables about making pasta that I had to do my own that did not require Ramen noodles. The great thing about this one is you can keep the ingredients in a sealed container  in the trunk for a short trip or in a closet for a college student. Actually I will be doing eggless pasta which is safer for our purposes. Eggless pasta is sometimes known as trenette.

Make sure the coffee maker is clean of any coffee grinds. It might take several water only cycles to clean. or have a spare one. They are cheap.

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Step 1: Tools and ingredients.

Picture of Tools and ingredients.
Coffee maker that does at least 4 or more cups.
Soup bowl for mixing and eating.
Fork with a flat back end.
Sturdy glass


Base pasta ingredients:
1/2 -3/4 cup flour + some for dusting.
1/6 to 1/4 cup water for dough.
10-12 cups water for coffee maker.

Topping ingredients:
Condensed milk
Dried cheese such as Parmesan.
Garlic salt

Step 2: Make the dough.

Picture of Make the dough.
Mix flour and water in the bowl and stir with the fork or use you floured hands till you get a good ball and nothing is left on the sides of the bowl. If there is a little bit left just wash it out. Then let the dough rest for a bit.

Step 3: Coffee maker time.

Picture of Coffee maker time.
Add the 10 -12 cups of water to the coffee maker. Turn on the coffeemaker, let percolate till all I mean all the water has gone into the carafe.

Step 4: Pasta strips.

Picture of Pasta strips.
Put down some flour on the foil. put dough down on top of that and press down with your hand so it becomes like a pancake. Then take the glass and spread the dough out even farther as you can but not paper thin. Then dust well with flour so there are no wet sticky spots.

Step 5: Roll it

Picture of Roll it
With the pasta not sticky, roll it up like a cinnamon roll. All the way though.
lone50010 months ago

well done! and here i thought i was the only one to have the bright idea of cooking in a coffee pot. when its the only appliance you have it works!

Great instructable! I would really like to try this - dunno about cooking it in a coffee pot though :).

As for eating, I like nothing more than a good homemade pesto. Add parmesan, minced garlic, a little parsley, and enjoy with a caesar salad.

Computothought (author)  dungeon runner5 years ago
Appreciate your comment. Personally I would prefer to do it in a regular pot or one of those stand alone heated coffee pots taht will boil the water. But if you are traveling, It is the ticket. You can add whatever topping you want. Since it was meant for traveling, I tried to use not as perishable ingredients. Your toping sounds very tasty!