Step 5: The Storage..

I then added supports for the tray shelving above the drawer and placed the 3ply wood into position.

Check the pictures..

By this stage I have already chopped the top and bottom off the coffee table (notice how the unstained parts where I removed the routed edges is no longer as big? - 1/2inch instead of 3inches)

To do this, I VERY CAREFULLY ran the whole box over the table saw after VERY CAREFULLY checking that I'd removed all nails and screws.

This was a little awkward due to the size and weight of the box shape that makes up the table. Though not as heavy as it was with the routed edging and table top.
what a cool project!
<p>I already have a coffee table that the top comes off. But can you give me an idea on how to make and attache the hinge to the top. </p>
U can buy the hinge assembly on ebay
<p>What would I search for on ebay to find these hinges?</p>
<p>Hi, has anyone tried this idea with a &quot;pop-up&quot; standup desk? Like, a normal desk, but with the surface popping up and out like this awesome coffe table does.</p><p>I guess someone could even build a &quot;platform&quot; that pops up, and just put it on top of a normal desk.</p><p>Of course, for this, you'd need to make custom hinges, for your own height, so your hands don't get tired when standing up, etc.</p>
<p>I'm too lazy to look up the links, but in the last few months I have been seeing ads for &quot;pop up&quot; desks, and just last week saw one for a platform you can put on an existing desk that lowers to being flat, and raises to &quot;standing height.&quot;<br><br>I think it's a great idea, and when I have the time I am going to investigate the one that you can put onto an existing desk!</p>
<p>What restricts the forward movement of the tabletop? Is the shorter piece of the hinge just hitting the front edge of the table?</p>
<p>A very successful table!</p>
<p>very useful!</p>
<p>Hey, just saw your instructions for sale on listia. This guy grabbed one of my instructables and sold it without permission as well.</p><p>http://www.listia.com/auction/18625350-diy-coffee-table-advanced</p>
<p>SOLD? Looks like it was given away for free...</p>
<p>You would be able to lower the table top by re fixing the lift mechanism lower on the base.</p>
Hmm. Thanks.
<p>Nice! It looks really cool</p>
<p>Very Nice job</p>
<p>Love it!</p>
<p>Hey man, REALLY diggin' this project. Planning to do one for myself. But I have a question, how do I go about creating the hinges so they'll move the table-top to a specified height &amp; distance out from the original table, so it works perfectly with the seat height of my couch?</p>
<p>oh,,correction to the previous comment; cut the notches so that they work on the screws/bolts on the lower control arm thats mounted on the table box inside wall. </p>
<p>for the adjustable height thing, id go with notching small slots into the lift arms along their length every so often.. like 2-3 inches apart and doing both arms at the same time to ensure exact placement of the holes and notches in the same places for uniformity of lift and closure.</p>
<p>if you want to lower the working height of the tabletop, just take the operating arms and from the holes centerpoint , drill new holes an inch or two further up the arm and then cut the arms correspondingly so they fit</p>
<p>Brilliant. Virtually you brought a new Avatar to a old coffee table. Thanks for sharing. </p>
<p>Genius. I'd buy that</p>
<p>Iam going to give it a try. My wife and i have wanted a table like that for awhile , but could not fine one we liked. I guess Ill make my own. Thanks for the idea. wish me luck, Ill get back to ya</p>
Simple ideas are always the best. You truly are a God! This is a fabulous idea beautifully executed! Well done!
<p>A friend of mine has one very similar that she payed out the wazoo for...oh and:</p><p>&quot;For the greater good?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Yarp.&quot;</p>
<p>Nicely done!</p>
<p>I think this could be a very useful piece of furniture in an RV</p>
<p>Excellent project. </p><p>Thanks for posting this.</p>
<p>Great idea! :) </p>
<p>Quite a brilliant idea, also to make coffee tables more user-friendly when drinking coffee and having cakes or whatever. The next step is to make it so that it can have different height-settings, and also allow seating all around. But a very good start!<br>Cheers!</p>
<p>question: The hinges are wonderful, but I want something a little controlled to move it slowly up and down. </p><p>Do you think the pressurized door hinges, like the ones you get for hatch backs on cars doors might do the trick?</p>
<p>Wow!! </p><p>I get so impressed with renos like this!</p><p>Wonderful job. </p>
Love this so much I'm only a DIY L Plater lol but I'm going to give it a try also Thank sucks that some low life is selling your plans for this I hope you are able to stop them and High five ? to solobo for letting you know Keep the awesome ideas coming Cheers ?
<p>Decided to make one from scratch! Turned out beautiful! Still leaving the option of adding trim at the bottom but for now I love it! Thanks for posting! </p>
<p>LOVE IT! Make me one. Lol</p>
Great job! Looks awesome!
Fantastic! I'm amazed I've never seen them for sale!
<p>They are for sale and they are quite expensive!</p>
<p>I bought a lift top coffee table which I love except that it hinges up way too high to comfortably use my laptop. Anyone have an idea for modifying the height?</p>
where did you find the wood for the hinges where can I find that at
This coffee table is amazing! It is by far my favorite design/idea.
Really nice. I've been thinking about converting my coffee table to a big chest (I live in a really small apartment at the moment and need all the storage I can find). It would be neat to make the lid cantilevered.
Wow! I'm making one of these! How much weight can you put on the open top before the base starts to tip over? And why am I looking at this i'ble in the Thanksgiving food section?
That couch looks familiar
Great idea using the cantilever hinges! What did you use for a stop? Does the front part of the hinge just rest against the inside of the box, or did you add a metal stop or something?
making one.
Is there a way you could attach a door piston so that it would close slowly? That would avoid slamming and possible damage. Really great idea and instructable!
Thanks for the guide! Looks great and I'm definitely going to try and make one of my own. <br> <br>One question I had though. How do you stop the hinges from continuing to swing? It's a little hard to tell but do they just stop because they resting up against the box of the coffee table when it is open? <br> <br>

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