Picture of Coffee/Living Room/General Use Table for under $50
I needed a new table for my living room and decided that the best way was to make one myself.  Trying to keep it simple I drew up and made this table in a few hours.

Step 1: Drawing the "blueprints" and getting supplies

Picture of Drawing the
I had a piece of graph paper and remembered that wood at the lumber yard was available in pre-cut pieces in 24" x24" and 24"x48" by 3/4" thickness.  It was a birch laminate with one finished side.  I was also looking to get a little support under the table so I picked up a couple of 1x4x6 pieces of pine board.  All 5 boards plus a pint of cherry Minwax stain cost me $49.99 (your results may vary).
JLancaster3 years ago
Utilitarianism and self-reliance; I love it.