Step 4: Get Buzzed...

You can have this in addition with a cup of coffee or tea...(dunno, but it might work for a green tea version)

I know you just can't have one.  Gauge your intake with how much instant coffee you normally use for one cup of coffee and by how much you put in the stuffing by how many cookies you eat.

Monitor vital signs.

Queue up that netflix for a couple of hours...

mmmmmmmmm.i can see why you were a finalist. i dont know what you were up against but good job.
Oh good bye diet!
Uh oh. I know what I am doing this weekend, and that my sleep will suffer dearly for it.
G'day<br>In the UK and in Australia, (where I am) confectioners sugar is called Icing Sugar. There are two kinds.. Icing sugar (has a bit of cornflour added to it) and Pure Icing Sugar (which, duh, is pure sugar).<br>Yeah, don't ask me why.<br>We also don't generally do 'creamers'..if you want cream in your coffee..you use real cream...from a cow. But mostly, people just use milk...yes, from a cow.<br>Otherwise they drink it black. <br>I have TRIED to find dairy free creamer for recipes over hear..yeah..still looking.<br>So not sure what substitute you could use for that, cos its a tad more difficult than the whole confectioners sugar thingy. Powdered product for very very wet one...hmmm.<br>Oh..and one other tip, is that UK and Australia don't do really do Crisco either (well, I've never seen it here)..but we DO have this awesome stuff called Copha, which is a vegetable (coconut) shortening. Which I am TOLD you can get over in the states at Wholefoods if you are lucky. <br>Anyways, I share all this intercontinental knowledge with you, as you made reference to Caster Sugar. Caster sugar is actually what Wikipedia tells me you guys call superfine white sugar.<br>:)<br><br>
Ooo this Copha stuff sounds interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.
Thanks for the info. I guess the non-dairy creamer &quot;coffee whitener&quot; product is available more in the USA as a matter of convenience, extremely long shelf life and pushed by industry marketing. It would be necessary for those with certain allergies but can still be chemically derived from dairy products. There may be soy or vegan products that substitute for milk and cream but probably not in powdered form. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone has tried to put Tang in their Oreo, that powdered orange juice drink substitute made famous on space missions.
Gonna try it both ways! Thanks for the recipe, the coffee sounds like what I need on long drives. Also has me wondering what else I could hide in that oreo.<br>
Sounds good! Wondering about scraping the filling into a bowl, jazzing it up with coffee, maybe a little liquid to soften it enough, and refilling the cookies. I think Ill try that, too.<br>
You could, but where is the joy of replicating that delicious and mysterious creme filling that could survive a nuclear attack?
Or, (if one is willing to devote a little more time), one could (1) deconstruct the premade cookies, (2) scrape the filling in a bowl, (3) incorporate the coffee flavoring into the filling by smooshing &amp; mixing -- sorry, don't have any ideas regarding quantities here, then (4) sandwich a glob of the newly flavored filling back between 2 cookies. Coffee &amp; chocolate, YUM!
ah, what one must do to suffer for their art. The fine delineation of separate stuffs and the contrast of such is vital in bringing about such a zen state of awareness that you realize, in the palm of your hand, you have the essence of coffee, cream, and sugar, well, double the sugar than that found in a normal cookie. It also serves as a visual cue similar to the unnatural color of the poison dart frog to warn the uninitiated that this is no ordinary cookie. Besides, it is fun to mush up more stuffing for the cookie.
When you said coffee crystals all I could think about was the Chris Farley hidden camera sketch
These are frightening crack! Awesome.
Wooooow. Genius!

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