Introduction: Coffin / Casket Made From Pallets

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Step 1: Materials

Pallets / skids of desired style. (I brought home a stack of 7/8 did not use all for one project)
{you can get them from any near by warehouse or even craigslist. I get them from work}
Chop saw
Reciprocating saw
Nail gun / screw gun

(Note: i used a finish nail gun. It was easier to put everything together also you wont see any of them vs screw heads)

Step 2: Basic Frame

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The hardest part for me was getting all my angles correct. So i started out laying out full boards next to each other until i had the desired length. Once that was done i laid out the base frame. I used angles that my chop saw had marked, within 15 degrees. (15, 45 etc.)

Step 3: Sides

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I used all the boards 12in long. It worked out really well for the depth. Used my finish nailer to attach all the board to the base frame. Had to make some skinner boards due to some of the angles.

Step 4: Internal Frame

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I probably should have built the internal frame first and then did up the sides, but it was not bad doing it this way. I used some scrap wood to use as spacers to get the right height for the top rails of the upper frame. Again used my finish nail gun to attach everything

Step 5: Finished

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I still have to make the cover but once you have the main body of the coffin then it should not be hard to make it.

I plan on adding some webbing and blood for effects, and a skeleton and or fake body. Add your own accents and see how yours turns out.


Cool! Very creepy addition to any haunted house!

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