Picture of Coffin Purse
A sturdy cardboard box
A thinner piece of cardboard
A box cutter
Allen’s Tacky Glue (hot glue)
A screen door handle
Coffin pattern
Duct tape
Half a yard of fabric (half a meter)
A remnant of fabric for the insides Frog clasp No slip dots (4 for the bottom)
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Step 1:

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First things first print out the pattern and use a copy machine to blow up to the size desired. I used mine as is. Next open the cardboard box flat and trace the pattern in an area leaving room to expand the pattern out.

Step 2:

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Next, at each corner, using a ruler, draw a line 3″ out. Connect each of the lines to its corresponding one, creating six panels. Use the box cutter to cut out the line tracing. You can use scissors, but it’s murder on your hands! To help with folding the panels up, take your box cutter and lightly slice breaking only the surface layer of the cardboard.

Step 3:

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photo-2014-08-04, 3:57 PM.jpg
Fold each panel up and duct tape to the next. When all are in position, run a single strip around the whole length of the box.

Step 4:

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Flip the box over so the bottom is face up. Cut strips of duct tape (about 4) just longer than the box. Place one on each side and then cover the middle.

Step 5:

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Continue covering the sides until the whole outer box is covered with duct tape. This ensures not only that it will be sturdy, but also that if you should set your purse down somewhere damp, it won’t be ruined.

Step 6:

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Next place a piece of duct tape the width of each panel equal lengths to the inner box and spread the tape to the outer box.

Step 7:

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photo-2014-08-04, 3:58 PM.jpg
Reinforce each of the panels by placing a piece of tape where each piece was folded up as shown. Then proceed to cover the inside with duct tape. Leave the inner bottom tape free because we will be using it for glue later.
seamster11 months ago