Introduction: Coffin With Skeleton (Work in Progress)

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Skeleton coffin Halloween decoration.

Step 1: Find a Skeleton (cad)

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Step 2: Edit and Re-pose With Fusion 360

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And export

(we need stl/obj fusion cannot did this with all bodies. export step or other cad format and convert with other cad program)

Step 3: Toolpath

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Edit and create toolpath with Aspire

Step 4: CNC Step

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    Step 5: Painting

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    Paint with black. Wait for to dry

    Step 6: Weathering

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    Pour white and oxide yellow paint on a plate. took a sponge, both the dip of the random. If there is excess paint, wipe it another piece of Styrofoam. Tap to high ground random moves. If the dye spread to areas to be black. Repeat with black paint sponge method

    (Sorry for Google translate I'll update the post soon)

    Step 7:

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