Picture of Coffin/Casket Lowering Device Stand
Are you tired of the typical coffin/casket laying on the ground in your cemetery. Would you like to give the illusion of an open grave in your cemetery display without having to dig up your front lawn? Then just add a Coffin/Casket Lowering Device Stand.
The first Coffin/Casket Lowering Device was patented by A. C. Richardson on November 13, 1894, so it is perfect for old & new cemetery scenes.

Using this in your cemetery scene, gives a touch of realism, uniqueness & a wide variety of potential for scares (a remote rat perhaps) and hiding places for items such as fog machines & power cord junctions. Run a string of red & orange flickering lights under it to create the illusion of the fires of hell waiting to gobble up the casket & it's occupant. Tons of potential from something very simple to make.

The Casket Lowering Stand/Device can be made from PVC, wood or even metal. This one is made from scraps of vinyl railing found in the trash. The pieces are all screwed together so that it can be taken apart for easy storage.

I will do my best to explain in the pics/drawings, how this was done, since I didn't think about doing this Instructable until after the project was completed.
tinker2343 years ago
wow i love the idea of a lowering coffin be really creepy if it had screams of no god no and bangs as it dessened into a hole disturbed thoughts aside i really enjoy this project theroy might be cool to make a exposed clockwork like device out of cardboard and copper paint
grimdaddy (author)  tinker2343 years ago
If you are good with gears and fabrication, you could probably build a working model with a geared down wiper motor and a light weight coffin.
ok thanks
l8nite3 years ago
GREAT idea ! Several of my actors have suggested a real person in the graveyard but digging a hole.... With some mods to a coffin and this idea perhaps next years Haunt will have a haunted graveyard ! Thank You for sharing
wlaquet3 years ago
Looks great!!And no digging for the Digger and Horatio!!!
ROTFL! You crack me up!
Nice to see you here on Instructables, Digger!