Picture of Cog Ashtray / Coin Tray
I found a cog buried in the ground beneath my garage when I was about 17. I always wanted to do something with it, but it was so rusty and dirty that it got left for years. Until...

Date Made: July 2012
Approx Cost: £7.50
Approx Time: 1 hour (not including getting it acid dipped)
Difficulty: Easy
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Step 1: Clean Cog

Picture of Clean Cog
You can do this with some elbow grease or you can get it media blasted. I got this done at the same time as a load of other stuff (see my V8 table Instructable), but it didnt come out great because it was so rusty.

I decided to get it acid dipped instead. This made it pitted but clean!

Step 2: Prime Cog

Picture of Prime Cog
I just bought some paint cans from halfords and got to work! Usual Paint techniques apply!

Step 3: Paint cog

Picture of Paint cog
I couldnt decide what colour to do it: black, grey or silver.

A friend suggested satin black, so I went with that and it was a good choice.

Usual Paint techniques apply!

Step 4: Protect your surfaces

Picture of Protect your surfaces
Felt the underside to stop it scratching any surfaces.

I just went to a hobby store and bought a sheet of sticky back felt.

It was as simple as cutting it out and sticking it to the bottom.

Step 5: Relax

Picture of Relax
Enjoy your ornament!

You can use it as an ashtray, or as a coin holder; what ever you like!