Coils are used for all sorts of things, like radio's, FM Transmitters, and even generators like the Tesla Coil.

What i'm going to do is show you how to make a coil fast and easy under a minute!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you will need is:

#18 Solid Core Copper Wire

Anything to wrap your wire around (preferably a 1/4" bolt).

Scissors & Wire Strippers

That's All!

Step 2: Cut About 10" of Wire

Measure 10 inches of wire, and cut it.

Step 3: Strip the Wire

Get your wire strippers and remove all insulation.

Step 4: Wrap the Wire Around Your Object of Choice

I used a 1/4" bolt but pretty much any round object will work.

Step 5: Now, Trim the Ends and Slide or Screw It Off

You're done!!!

<p>Using a bolt is very clever way to get nice coils... thanks for sharing</p>
No problem ??
it's a bit more detailed than that. a precision inductance meter is pretty much a requirement... as well as some core material.
Thanks beacker just these coils are a pain soldering in checking if it's spot on its best just comparing on multimeters to save a lot of time and hassle to adjust the coils .
Baeker your the first to mention that I have a precision gold here .how would I do that ?
If you are building your own coils, you would need a meter. I have a cheap meter I use to guage inductance, but it fluctuates. There are guides on the internet if you search you'll be sure to find one
<p>What about the coil insulation not to short on itself?</p>
This coil will not short itself or anything around it if you use proper electrical power.

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