Step 6: Rotating pipe joint / swivel fitting

Picture of Rotating pipe joint / swivel fitting
This part is still a work-in-progress for us.

At the moment, we have a 6" length of pvc pipe that fits snugly into the pvc connector, and - lubricated with automotive grease - this can be held in place by hand and works reasonably well. We also cut off this  pvc adapter and used just the plain blue hose fed into the bottle outlet as it was an excellent fit and gave more working room.

The rotating joint is perhaps the most important part of the pump. When we've chosen the best of our designs, we will update this step with the details.
Safanu3 years ago
AP- How about trying to find some Gardena hose fittings. They are waterproof and they can swivel freely . They might be a little costly but they would be much safer and healthier .

2 of these connectors on the 2 hoses http://www.gardena.com/int/water-management/hose-connectors/hose-connector-13-mm-1-2/

and 1 of these to connect the hoses to one another


You can find retailers here


I hope this helps I know there are similar hose fittings but I can not remember the companies name. Sorry.
jaypublic3 years ago
Is this pump to be used for pumping drinking water?
If so, using automobile grease for a seal is not good.
Many cancer causing things in it.
Much better to use silicon grease, if you can get it.

Though now that I think of it, having clean water contaminated by a little axle grease is still probably safer than unclean water.

Best to you, and thanks for the instructable.
greenspider3 years ago
I wonder if you have tried an air hose swivel joint (used on air tools to keep the hose from restricting movement)?