Coiled Cord (Edited)





Introduction: Coiled Cord (Edited)

Simple way how to make every cord coiled.

Step 1: Tools

What you need:
1. Cooking pot
2. Cooker
3. Pipe or stick
4. 2x cable tie
5. Wire

Step 2: Winding

First, hold one end of wire with electrician tie, then winds wire tight around pipe and then hold another end of wire with second electrician tie.

Step 3: "Cooking"

Put pipe with cord into pot with water such, that whole cord is under water. Then bring water to boil, wait about 5 minutes, then turn cooker off and wait 30 minutes. Then cool wire with pipe under cold water. It should be done, so you can cut ties and pull wire out.

Step 4: Finish

Now, you have coiled cord :).
This is easy way, how you can turn every cord into coiled cord. For example mobile charger in car ;).

Step 5: Another Way, How to Make Coiled Cord

There are many questions about corrosion wire caused by water in comments. So I tried use a hair dryer instead of boiling water. And it works pretty well, but I don't know if it will work with thicker cord.



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    Would this work with a hot-air gun instead of boiling water?

    2 replies

    Yes, I think it will work, but no everyone have hot-air gun like me, but boiling water, it have everyone :)

    agee with DanielR32, everybody have access to boiling water instate of hot-air gun.... and the problem with hot-air gun is that it is easy to harm the plastic of the cable if you blow to close, but with boiling water you are safe...

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to seal the end of the cord that is submerged
    to avoid water from wicking up the wire, and the inevitable corrosion
    that it would cause? Maybe by placing the whole thing in a plastic bag, or zipper bag before going into the pot?

    2 replies

    I think it's not so big problem with wicking water up. But yes, placing into plastik bag could work well. Thanks :)

    not sure that a ziploc bag would work, but I totally agree. My best guess would be to use some clay to plug up the end and then just cut it off later, but it might also work to put a piece of heatshrink over the end.