Coiled Stud Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial





Introduction: Coiled Stud Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial

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1 x 10 inches 1mm (18 ga) copper wire
3 x 30 inches 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire
1 x 35 inches 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire
1 round bead

Step 1:

Cut 30 inches x 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire and wrap it onto an 18ga wire. Keep wrapping until you reach the end. 

Step 2:

After wrapping pull the 18ga wire. Create 2 more sets of coiled wire so you'll have 3.

Step 3:

Cut 10 inches x 1mm (18 ga) copper wire. Create a loop on one end and slide in a bead.

Step 4:

Cut another 35 inches x 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire. Wrap one end onto your 18ga wire and slide in your coiled wires. 

Step 5:

Start wrapping the coiled wires.

Step 6:

After wrapping your coiled wires you then coil the whole piece using your fingers. Try to create a dome shape as you coil.

Step 7:

When you reach the end bend the 18ga wire and cut off excess to create a stud earring. You're done!

I hope you like my simple and summarized tutorial. You can download a complete pictoral step by step tutorial with this LINK. You can also visit my BLOG for more pictures that I have posted.



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    love the design,very cute ..

    Neat design! I bet it would look really cool with other metallic colored wire also. ;)

    1 reply

    Thanks canucksgirl! Yeah, you can use other colors of wires too with the design.