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This is a present I made for a Christmas gift exchange. I wanted to make something slightly different from what I usually make, try some new techniques. I had used coiling before, but just to end the wire, not to make a complete shape. Despite the fact that it costs some time to coil the circles, I think this is worth it. This probably isn't the best idea for a last-minute gift, but if you have the time you could surely make this. Using different colours can give the bracelet a complete different look, so you can really give it your own twist, maybe even adding some beads? I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make this bracelet, you will need the following:

- coloured wire, I used 0,5 mm colour coated copper wire, bought here
- silver plated wire, this was a bit thicker, around 0,8 mm
- any kind of wire, this is what I used to make the base of the circles
- pliers
- closure
- thick round marker or other round object

Step 2: Making the basic circles

Picture of Making the basic circles
Using the wire you chose for this, make the basic circles you will be coiling the coloured wire around. I used this jump ring making technique, but then on a wider object (that's where the marker could come handy)
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lindarose929 months ago

Yaaayyy I'm so happy you are finalist with this bracelet!!! Congratulations! :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose929 months ago

Thank you so much Linda!

foobear9 months ago

This would be cool also as a belt, if you had enough patience

emilyvanleemput (author)  foobear9 months ago

That would look great! But indeed, that would take a lot of time (and wire) :)

nerd747310 months ago
this is neat
emilyvanleemput (author)  nerd747310 months ago
Thank you!
you're welcome
very creative! I was waitng to see it :) great work!
emilyvanleemput (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz10 months ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
lindarose9210 months ago
I LOVE it!!!
Can I say this...? I'm super lucky to be wearing it now! :)
emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago
Thanks! I'm also wearing an amazing bracelet at the moment :D
I'm very happy about it! :D
emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago
Yay! This is the present I was talking about when I said I was jealous of the present I was giving you :D
haha I realized that today! :D This makes me even more honored! I'm glad you could make one for yourself as well :)
swaaag10 months ago
Best Christmas Present if you are Nikola Tesla :D
emilyvanleemput (author)  swaaag10 months ago
When I first found out we were going to do a bracelet contest, you were the first person I thought of and you didn't disappoint! Beautiful job!
emilyvanleemput (author)  Penolopy Bulnick10 months ago
Thank you so much! I'm already looking forward to the Jewelry Contest next year!!