Coin Jewelry





Introduction: Coin Jewelry

This are my hand cut coin craft sample I like so much this hobby it need concentration and artistic mind If you loos your concentration you will break lots of blade Thank you for you time

Step 1: Setup 1

This is my 1st work bench setup for cut coin craft hobby

Step 2: Tools

I use 1mm + 2 mm drill beat Centre punch 4/0 size jewellers saw blade Permanent marking pen Honey bee wax for lubricant blade Small paint bras for removing metal dust Small wise Lock player for holding coin Magnifying glass And coins for cut



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These are amazing. i think I'd be too scared of getting in trouble for defacing money (an illegal act); but I'm a cowardly custard. I wonder what other items could work? Maybe bottle caps?

Awesome, simply awesome. I wish I had a gram of your talent!

Theses are SO cool! I want to make these!!!!! I wonder if you could copy the coins on aluminum foil.........???

Thank you all for your time appreciate me

These are absolutely beautiful!! I sure hope you are selling these, they would be a great conversation piece!

Really nicely done! Greets!

I didn't try dermel tool

Phenomenal detail! What about a dremmel tool? Think it'l work?