Coin Operated Knex Gum Ball Machine!





Introduction: Coin Operated Knex Gum Ball Machine!

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I BUILT THIS FOR THE I MADE IT CONTEST!! As you can see i posted it the day of the deadline :)

This is my new creation! It is coin operated and designed for quarters.
If you drop in a penny, nickle or dime, it will just take your coin. :)
For every quarter, one gumball is dispensed.
Please read:
I also built lock and key mechanism for safely storing the collected change.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough knex to finish the rest of it :((
I ran out of green rods and 3D connectors.

So i am left with a random lock and key system with no way to attach it to the bottom of the machine.
I Hope the Coin Operated Gumball machine alone is enough :)



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    Knex coin operated machine! That is really cool!

    You have to make instructions!!!!

    Really cool but we wait instructions ;)

    Really nice work

    Tried to make this a while back, but could not get it to work.

    have you instructions for this candy machine? i want to make one!

    Dude you need to post

    I have 7 gum balls in my moth rite now. (no joke)