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This is a prank that is perfect for school. I cannot take the credit, as my friend Higgs Boson told me the idea. All you need is superglue (not pictured) and a few coins. It is extremely straight-forward. Just superglue the coins to places where people won't expect to find loose change. A really good one is the floor in front of a vending machine. People will go up and look, but not want to spend the money, and "Aha, there's some right there!!!" Just wait till they realize it is glued down. Another place is on top of the urinal at school. Public sidewalks are good too, as are park benches. The possibilities are endless.


madson812 (author)2014-03-15

ask higgs if he's ever heard of the Higgs Boson particle

madson812 (author)madson8122014-03-15

Nice prank!

Isaac Laserman (author)2012-03-04


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