Step 10: Attaching the Plastic to the Wood

glue the two together so that they fit securely and make sure the coin will drop down the hole. 
VERY NICE, if you added a relay on the power switch and made the switched (output leg) connect back to the input, you could make it so the coin dropped off of the lever and into a collection box but the radio would continue playing until power was switched off, this could be done using an &quot;off&quot; button on the front, this way it would be a good way of collecting money.<br>the collection box could sit below the radio and have a little padlock on a door on the side.<br>Just an idea<br><br>Great anyway:)
I can see this design to be used to create something along the lines of a 'Alarm clock that you have to put a coin in to turn off' It'd certainly help me save up!
but what if you ran out of change?
Thats when you throw it out the window !
Back in the 30s the landlords of some buildings had something similar but used clocks. In order for the tenants to keep the right time, they had to feed in the coins and then the landlord would come around every now and then to collect.
This is soooo cool!

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