Coin Stacking - 3 Coin Span Bridge and More





Introduction: Coin Stacking - 3 Coin Span Bridge and More



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    thats awesome! great job explaining it, totally clear 5*

    Wow, that looks really cool! Definitely going to try this!

    I did this once before, and using all of my dad's pennys, was able to span our entire kitchen table.

    I just did this with pennys, they take 112 (single layer) and I added 8 instead of 6 on the top.

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    Wow that was fast!, I expected that the first person to try this would be days away. Not sure what you mean by "they take 112 (single layer)" sounds like you did something quite different. I would love to see a photo.
    I used Australian 20 cent coins (so this bridge cost me $17.60 {^_^}). We no longer have pennies our smallest coin is 5 cents and it is only 20mm dia and thin so not really great bridge building material. I assume you are in the US, how big is a penny?

    :) It took me 112 (So a $1.12) pennys to do the basic single layer bridge and not the more complicated ones. Pennys are 19mm (.75") I think. Depending on how old the penny is it may be thin or think. (Or how many times it's been run over by cars in parking lots lol) Like '82ish on back are thick, the newest ones are MUCH thinner (kinda didn't think of that whilst making it lol >.< but it worked out) I'll add a pic when I can, I'll have to load it at a friends house 'cause my camera and computer don't get along. (Don't ask lol >.<)
    I think that a good comparison would be to take one of your 5cent coins and put it on a 20 cent one. (
    (I wonder if anyone will do this with dimes? ((smallest size US has)).)

    I just had a go with our 5 cent coins - doable I think for simple designs but a bit light for the more complex ones. As for comparisons here are 6 coins; left to right:
    Australian 20 cents; New Zealand 20 cents; 1966 US Quarter; Malaysian 20 sen; Canadian Quarter; 1957 Hong Kong 10 Cents