Coin Throwing Star






Introduction: Coin Throwing Star

This is a fun easy project, I made a few of these for a friend of mine who can throw quarters a very long distance. I figured it would be pretty cool if they could stick into something, so took a quarter to my bench grinder. BE CAREFUL this could be dangerous if used by the wrong person.

Step 1: Getting the Coin's Outline

To draw a good throwing star it is a good idea to make a stencil out of paper first. A easy way to transfer the outline of the quarter onto the paper is to place it under the paper, rub you finger in small amount of graphite then rub your finger around the outside of the coin.

Step 2: Draw the Design

Just draw your throwing star design onto your quarter outline. You can measure and do it properly and you will probably get a better final product, but the coin is small enough to just freehand. Keep in mind when designing that the coin is small and therefore relatively hard to work on so keep most of the cuts relatively large.

Step 3: Cut Out the Template

Cut out your paper design.

Step 4: Transfer Design Onto Quarter

Put your cut out onto the quarter then trace around it in sharpie.

Step 5: Cut Out the Coin

There are lots of ways to do this; with a hacksaw, angle grinder, or bench grinder. I used a bench grinder because it is faster than a hacksaw and I don't own an angle grinder. To make the hole in the middle I used a drill with a metal drilling bit. I found out you can make the coin look pretty cool if you heat it and let it cool until the metal is darkened then sand the surface. This only makes the standing out surface silver while leaving the background black so the face on the coin stands out.

Step 6: Done

This probably isn't going to be the strongest or most durable throwing star, but its fun to play with and doesn't take very long to make. My friend can throw them into wood from more than thirty feet away. Once again BE CAREFUL these are small but could still be dangerous.



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      Damagin US or Canadian currency is illegal.

      Then how do the souvenir penny machines work, they destroy a penny???

      The penny machines are legal but you can't pass off that coin for a penny when your are trying to buy something.


      not like you are going to buy something with the throwing star..

      They have lixenses.

      nocker covered this above, but no, it's only illegal if you do it to commit fraud. It's illegal to (however ineffective) take a $1 bill and write on it with a marker to make it look like a $5 bill and spend it, but it's not illegal to just write on a $1 bill. Similarly, it's illegal to take a penny and crush it and paint it to look like a dime and use it as a dime, but crushing a penny isn't by itself illegal.

      My friends say damaging Money is illegal or something. (I took the gold out of a Canadian Toonie and made a Keychain)


      we all do this even if its illegal. Also, the gold piece in the middle, act as a 1$ in various machine(like arcade, or claw machine)

      But the Gold is the size of a penny. Smaller even.


      and? I don't know how claw machine coin system work, but try it yourself, it work!