Having to sort coins each month for my side business, I wanted a quick solution to the trouble of doing this with torn paper, and handwriting the denominations on the rolls. I searched the internet thinking that surely this must be downloadable somewhere, only to find it wasn't. Sure, you can buy these rolls ready made at an office store, but that's like a box of 5,000 boring rolls. Instead I designed my own, and made it available to the public for free at

So for those of you who do this by hand: All you do is download, print, cut, tape and save yourself some time.
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Step 1: Print out and cut

Picture of Print out and cut
Click on the PDF file and print it out. Once printed, cut out on the marks.

Step 2: Fold the coin wrap

Picture of Fold the coin wrap
Fold the paper and cover the white space entirely and meet the line where the arrows are pointing to

Step 3: Tape

Picture of Tape
Now tape the edge

Step 4: Start inserting coins

Picture of Start inserting coins
Press the just taped coin wrap so it is nice round and start inserting the coins, look if they all fall flat on the bottom

Step 5: Fold the ends of the coin wrap

Picture of Fold the ends of the coin wrap
Fold the ends of the coin wrap, but first press the coins in the center of the coin wrap roll.

Step 6: That's it, Presto!

Picture of That's it, Presto!

wegang4 years ago
good, it is like mentos