Picture of 'Coin-eating' piggy bank
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make this cute bank.

1. What did you make? 
I made a coin bank  that you put the coins through the animals mouth. You just slip the coins in the animals mouth and the coins fall inside the bank. It's really cute.
I used a empty round oatmeal container, a hot-glue gun, scissors, a sharpie, and felt.

2. How did you make it?
I had the idea to make the bank, and hadn't had time to make it yet. I made the bank myself, though it would have been fun to make it with friends. Originally, I wanted to make it a cat, but it turned out to look like a German Shepherd!!!

3.Where did you make it?
I made this bank at home in my room. I think it goes well with my change purse instuctable at this link:

4. What did you learn?
I think that through making this project that I learned that if you make something and it doesn't turn out how you want, it's not really ruined. I am REALLY into cats, so i wanted to make this bank into a cat, but it turned out to look like a dog!! Oh well, maybe next time it'll look like a cat!

Step 2: Getting started

Use a piece of felt long enough to go all the way around the container. Use the color the color that you want your animal to be.

Step 9: Finishing up

You are all done now, congrats!
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kawaiilover9 months ago
That is cute! Smart idea for a kid or a homemade gift, I love it !!!! :)
craftpro (author)  kawaiilover9 months ago

Thanks! It's a really lame instructables tho. lol!

ChrysN1 year ago
That is so cute!
sunshiine1 year ago
Ah he is so cute!