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So you just watched a movie where some hotshot is in a casino, playing a game of high-stakes blackjack. As they wait for cards to be dealt our gambler leans back and calmly begins to roll a poker chip across their knuckles and smirks as lady luck blesses them with the winning hand.

Lets be honest rolling a coin or chip across your knuckles is just plain old cool. It's not incredibly complicated to learn, but it will take practice. When I started learning, I dropped coins an unbelievable amount and learned quickly that a quarter hitting a hard surface leaves people feeling like a nail had just been driven through their eardrum.

Before I get started here are a few things you should have before you begin.

1) A coin, kind of important.... I prefer using a quarter or half dollar. Play around with different coin sizes to see what works best for you!

2) A soft surface for your coin to hit when it does inevitably fall. While learning this in high school I would use my notebook to deaden the sound. Hoodies, backpacks, mouse pads, small animals, or your friend who passed out on your couch are great substitutes though!

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Step 1: Hopefully by the end you can do this too!

Picture of Hopefully by the end you can do this too!

Step 2: Balance is key

Picture of Balance is key

Ok very first thing you should learn is to balance the coin on your thumb like so. This will come in handy when you start or reset.

PROTIP: As you are learning, coins may start to slip between your fingers, feel free to push them back up with your thumb. Don't worry, I won't judge you...much.

Step 3: Thumb hugging

Picture of Thumb hugging

Begin by moving your thumb so it kind of smacks up against the side of your index finger, like a really aggressive hug.

Step 4: Let your thumb climb

Picture of Let your thumb climb

Now you are going to want to slide your thumb up and over your index finger. Similar to how you would get out of a pool from the side, because you were too cool to take the stairs. This will place the coin on top of your index finger.

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zman12041 month ago
I've used this trick to impress girls

goober7713 months ago
I have wanted to do this since I first saw it on Fringe, and this instructable really helped! Thanks!
Awesome dude!!
akshay5675 months ago
it's not right trick
akshay5675 months ago
vary nice
alex worden8 months ago
Very thorough thanks!
misquito1 year ago

At this step my coin started to truly have a panic attack and was flailing about wildly in an effort to right itself. Does the coin need to be concious or can I knock it out while using it for this trick?

clockworkfish (author)  misquito1 year ago
Good question! When I began practicing I made sure to have a jar of chloroform at my side just in case the coin became unruly.

ha, birds

Mrasore9 months ago
Such a well made tutorial. Very helpful and humorous. Hope to really master this skill
clockworkfish (author) 11 months ago
Thanks! Glad I could help, now go show off to everyone!
jjardine1 year ago

Well done! Thank you for the great tutorial. I was able to do it in three tries (incredibly slow ....for now). Have a great day!

clockworkfish (author)  jjardine1 year ago
Awesome man! Keep it up!


Cueball211 year ago

I learned the finger roll about 55 years ago. I carried different sized foreign coins to demonstrate that it could be done with almost any sized coin. Using foreign coins drew more attention from those who watched. I never developed my left hand skills, even though I tried. I can do almost nothing with my left hand that requires fine motor skills.

Great Instructable!!

Interesting you say that. I am a righty and am the same as you. However, my first attempt at this was with my left! Never even considered my right hand until now.

So, thank you Cueball for that! And thanks for this great lesson!

dansdoc1 year ago

That was in Pirates Of The Caribean!

mwacuff1 year ago

Good job!

Did you know that perhaps the most famous performance of the Coin Roll was done in a movie by W. C. Fields (IIRC "The Old Fashioned Way," 1934)?

What a fun ible! You had me giggling at every step. Good on ya

LexyConroy1 year ago

omfg i have been wanting to learn how to do this (love each step's name lol) thanks for the ible

Also high five! :D

bananav2371 year ago

this is really cool

Horef1 year ago


clockworkfish (author)  Horef1 year ago


tobyjug31 year ago

I have always wanted to be able to do this coin roll but my hands are now too old and stiff. Thank you for an enjoyable instructable.

clockworkfish (author)  tobyjug31 year ago

I could be, and probably am wrong, but this might be a great way to limber up your hands. Its pretty similar to some techniques that magicians use to increase their manual dexterity. Reagardless thanks for the feedback!

pdub771 year ago

Good work. Did you see mine?

clockworkfish (author)  pdub771 year ago

Now I have lol, You did an awesome job of detailing the coin selection process!

Cool. Thanks for sharing this trick. I've always wanted to learn it but never knew where to begin. Now I do. That's great.

ncoleman21 year ago

This is really cool! Could you post the video so we can play it in slow motion to follow along with?

clockworkfish (author)  ncoleman21 year ago

I have a video that the gif was taken from that I can be found here, but if you want one of me going slower I can do that in the morning. let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

Thanks so much! That video was super helpful!
clockworkfish (author)  ncoleman21 year ago

Not a problem! Good luck on your coin rolling journey!

Plo Koon1 year ago

Nice instructable. I love the tone and voice. Hopefully, I too will eventually excell at the art of coin rolling.

clockworkfish (author)  Plo Koon1 year ago

Thanks! You deffinatly will, just keep at it!

are you left-handed? In the GIF you are using your left hand, and i think it would be difficult to do something so dexterous with your non-dominant hand.

clockworkfish (author)  Plo Koon1 year ago

Yupp, I can do it in both though, but the same ideas apply.

clockworkfish (author)  clockworkfish1 year ago

It should also be noted that I am worse with my non dominate hand though lol

Zenki1 year ago

Amusing, i've made it... but just once for now XD

Gonna have to train ! Thank you for this instructables

clockworkfish (author)  Zenki1 year ago

We all start someplace, so just put on the Rocky theme music and go for it!

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