Picture of Coin pusher
Hi, I´ve been searching how to built this machines that called my atention, but i´ve found nothing, so I decided to built one myself.
They´re called: Coin pushers.
Maybe somebody had seen it in those places that have lots of this kind of machines that give prices.
So, as there is nothing of this tipe in instructables, I´ve decided to make one.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Materials you will need:
-Balsa wood (Is very easy to manipulate, they sell it in hobby stores, is used to make RC planes and all that...)
-Thin plastic
-One servo (you´ll have to modificate it so it will continue arround and arround.)
-5 volt adapter
-Double face tape
-All kind of tools such as a saw, screwdrivers, etc.
I used a dremmel too, but is optional.
-And of course, coins.

Nate2301 year ago
What does a coin pusher do?
unigamer4 years ago
I think this is great and I've always wanted to make one myself. I've wondered why more people don't make them?! My only suggestion is to make a little lip/ramp where the coins drop off. I believe this causes them to stack up the way you see in the arcade and is a major part of the excitement.
dani1x (author)  unigamer4 years ago
See my finished coin pusher, i hope that would help you.
you are right, it would be better tomake it a little bit more taller and make a compartimento for lost coins, i will try too make it, as soon as I finish i´ll make one instructable thank you for your suggestion
seeing this one I've decided I really must have my own so I'm starting planning it tonight. About a year ago I tried to do some research on these machines and I got a few links for them but they appear to be dead now :( I did find some diagrams of them that I think I saved, I'll have a look for them.
dani1x (author)  unigamer4 years ago
if you can, please, send those diagrams to me ok? Thank you
unigamer dani1x4 years ago
Sorry, I didn't forget about the finding the diagrams I just haven't found them and not sure if I ever will... I've started making my own one so I'll show you come pictures of that when it's done.
unigamer dani1x4 years ago
I finished my Penny Pusher! :)
These machines are my favorite! Especially the ones that give you the coins that you push over. You should buy some thin plexiglass at a hardware store and make a bigger one with some soundproofing.
dani1x (author)  JamesRPatrick4 years ago
yes, that would be a nice thing to do, I will see if I can get some materials to biult this. Thank you
lemonie4 years ago

Aka "penny falls" - this is great - are those Euros?

dani1x (author)  lemonie4 years ago
haha yes, I´m from spain =)
lemonie dani1x4 years ago

You've got it all right here, arcade-tycoon as a career?

dani11x lemonie4 years ago