Coinapult. the Coin Flipping Catapult!





Introduction: Coinapult. the Coin Flipping Catapult!

The design is super simple. I'm not one for over complicating an item. Just two sides and two dowels make up the base. The flipper is just held in place by the tension on the rubber band.

I made this from resawn claro walnut and 3/8 birch dowels. It flips your coin in the the air and you can either catch it, or let it land. Regardless you'll get a unbiased launch every time you use it!

The walnut is sourced from a place that sells cut off material in 50lb bags for $9. So there is always some walnut in my shop for these small projects. I just love the look of the grain in this piece.

I used boiled linseed oil to pop the grain on the walnut, and really give this fun piece that finished look!

I intend to use it pretty heavily! It does flip it pretty high, I might have to dial that back a bit!! That is just a matter of a larger band.



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This looks sharp. You clearly have talent. Great job!

Hi! I'm not a woodworker, nor do I have a shop. Would you be willing to make one of these for me? They are super cool! Please let me know.



Who is this supplier of these magical 50lb wood bags?! I could definitely use me one of those!

Is that awesome. They make gunstocks, and just need to get rid of their off cuts...

How can I get in contact with them?

Sorry, they're just a local place. But if you have a cabinet shop or similar near you, A lot of them just throw out thier scraps. A six pack, or a few bucks might score you a pretty good supply!

Awesome Ible...

You should call it the Tacoin because it looks like a taco.

That's awesome! It totally looks like taco.... now I'm hungry!