Here I am showing you'll as  how to make heat resistent  stands with different types of fibers.As far as I know these are tradionally done in south India and Srilanka in a low budget scale.The poor people make this by hand (not the t-shirt one) and sell them on the road way, to earn some thing for their day to day living.This is not only a pot holder,can be used for warm dishes on the table too.
The main thing is once completed  it has to be 100% flat on both sides.If not the pot/dish will topple down.So watch out!!

I have used vases and bottle to take the size of the ring.You can use any utensils depending on the size you want.I try my best to avoid buying stuffs for my projects and used all what I have  in the cellar.
Since there are 6 types of  fibers involved in this project,just to show one way of doing  a  pot/dish holder there are loads of photos that I have published.
I have tried my best and cut down as much as I can,so please do not get annoyed with too much of pictures.Some people like with more pictures and some prefer less.Some  understand looking at the pictures alone ,
The three made out of Coir,yarn and plastic is flexible and can be twisted to any shape you want.
                                                   Now scroll down to see to see the Fiber Art

Step 1: Supplies

Plastic wire
T Shirt

Glue stick
Garden scissors
Nylon thread
Big needle
Barbeque spears
Craft wire
Measuring tape (option)

This is really awesome.You have so many fibers in here.I love the three flexible ones.This can be used for any size dishes.I am going to make the yarn one in different sizes so I can use it for new year dinner.I hope I will be able to finish it on time.Thank you for posting this.I like it very much and I voted for you.
Thanks for the vote.Appreciated.
Thanks for posting this...You as usual always post clear pictures along with clear instructions! :-) This I will definitely make as I nearly burnt my table today!. The roots look nice and rustic...( i have a taste for rustic) but i like the yarn too...the colors make it look like a leopard print! Oh so many options. Thanks again
Thanks shazni,If you make this don't forget to post.I would like to see it.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
Thank you very much.I keep my fingers crossed!!
Ohhh didn't realize it until you mentioned.
Cool! The plastic one kind of looks like a candy necklace :)
A great idea!Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you.Yes it is.
The t-shirt yarn one looks like a tiger print! NICE!

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