Picture of Coke Bottle top souvenirs 2 ideas
I will teach you how to make key chains and magnets out of bottle caps. This instructable is very easy way to get a cheap souvenirs that looks real. I went to the coke museum and they were selling bottle cap magnets for $5.00 and they were fake so I decided to make my own. It cost $0.15.
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Step 1: Getting the cap

Picture of Getting the cap
most of the time when you open a bottle it bends so take it off very carefully.

Step 2: Other needs

Picture of other needs
you will need,

A glue gun

a neodymium magnet (that fits in the bottle cap)

And the bottle cap you gust took off.

Step 3: The last step

Picture of The last step
now put some hot glue on the bottom of the magnet and put it in the center of the bottle cap then glue around the magnet and on top of it. now you are done.

Step 4: Making the key chain

Picture of Making the key chain
This is the next part. I also saw a key chain bottle cap and decided to make one and save 5 dollars. is so easy and is free if you want a coke in a glass bottle

Step 5: The tools

Picture of The tools
all you need is a bottle cap, a drill and a key ring

Step 6: Drilling the hole

Picture of drilling the hole
now drill a hole in the bottle cap just above the top of the label.

Step 7: The last step

Picture of the last step
Now put the bottle cap on your key ring